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Datalec Precision Installations (DPI) Announces Wholly Owned ACCS Manufacturing Plant

Datalec Precision Installations (DPI) Announces Wholly Owned ACCS Manufacturing Plant

Datalec Precision Installations owns and operates the ACCS manufacturing plant to meet data centre demands for aisle containment and caging solutions

Datalec Precision Installations (DPI), a provider of world-class data centre design, supply, build, and support services to deliver seamless, integrated and unified end-to-end solutions for data centre operators, announces its latest investment in a wholly owned subsidiary, managed by Yuriy Vasylkivskyy, that will deliver hot and cold aisle containment and caging solutions to the data centre industry. This solely owned and operated manufacturing facility is 35,000 square feet and is designed to operate 24/7 based on increasing demand for data centre components.

Datalec’s ACCS manufacturing has been constructing metal cages and proprietary hot and cold aisle containment solutions and other specialist components. Originally performing an ‘assemble onsite’ facility, Datalec’s manufacturing plant has progressed into a fully-fledged offsite design, manufacturing and construction facility. The facility can efficiently produce prefabricated components and pre-terminated cables which can then be delivered to data centres throughout Europe for final on-site construction. Europe has seen a tremendous growth in data centre development causing the demand in data centre components to rise. The constraints in the supply chain significantly impact the building process and affect the European data centre market. Datalec’s investment directly addresses supply chain challenges, improving delivery timeframes and giving much needed momentum to the industry.

The ACCS manufacturing plant has profound benefits for Datalec’s business and supports the European data centre market well. As it relates to larger projects, it can lessen the overall impact of a supply chain known to be under pressure. By purchasing in advance raw materials required in data centre fit out projects, anticipating commodity price fluctuations and managing the product cost accordingly for end-users, ACCS can add significant value. Core to Datalec’s values is the constant pursuit of perfection and customer satisfaction is paramount. Responding to client demands, there are plans underway to construct a powder coating line further ensuring an output quality of the highest possible level.

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