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Data Centre Support

Datalec can provide an extensive choice of support services ranging from decontamination and management throughout the entire data centre construction programme, controlled environment movement of sensitive hardware to audits (power and environmental).

Data Centre Technical Cleaning

We can provide comprehensive specialist deep cleaning solutions for floor surfaces and voids, air conditioning equipment, trunking, ducting, lighting systems and areas of high sensitivity. An on-going programme can be tailormade to maintain your environment to specified particulate levels as defined by ISO 14644/8 standards. Our specialist sub-floor technical cleaning service incudes inspection, reporting and cleaning protocol recommendations, dust-mopping, spot-cleaning and static dissipating vacuum cleaning.

Data Centre Exterior Technical Cleaning

Our specialist exterior technical cleaning service includes deep cleaning of large back-up generators, high voltage areas, IPAF building fascias, chiller decks, plant rooms, fire exits and walkways.

Air Particle Testing

Certified in testing Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) to ISO 14644/8 standard, our operatives can test for and rectify airborne contamination in its various forms. As part of our service, we can provide air particulate testing, reporting and certification.

Innovative Dust Minimisation

Datalec have a wealth of methods to help our customers keep dust away from their equipment and minimise dust build-up, including micron 0.3 HEPA filtered vacuums and state of the art anti-static cleaning equipment.

Internal Rack and Server Cleaning

To minimise the risk and cost of IT equipment inefficiency and failure, it is imperative to regularly decontaminate and deep-clean inside server cabinets. Datalec can deliver this service either on-site or take the cabinets away to suit customer requirements.

IT Equipment Cleaning

Deep cleaning and sanitising all IT and componentry equipment, such as PCs, telephones, laptops and IT peripherals, ensuring our customers fulfil their duty of care for employees.

Jet Wash Cleaning

We provide this specialist cleaning service applying the latest development in jet wash technology. This applies to all aspects of Date Centre areas including high level IPAF approved expert staffing.

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