At all times we strive to:

  • protect the environment to prevent harm and pollution, while reducing waste and the consumption of natural resources
  • consider environmental issues at every stage of our design, planning and build processes
  • ensure our operations are as environmentally efficient as possible to minimise emissions
  • promote recycling and the use of recycled materials
  • comply with and, where possible, surpass the requirements of environmental legislation
  • provide the necessary training and support to our team to ensure that they can help fulfil the above commitments.

Our environmental policy in practice

We strive to continuously improve the environmental standards of our own operations and those of our customers in as many practical ways as possible, these include:

  • designing, planning and building data centres to keep energy consumption low and efficiency high, with reduced power usage effectiveness (PUE) for our customers.

This is particularly important here in the UK, where working toward the nation’s 2020 Carbon Reduction commitments could mean more frequent electrical supply disruptions.