At Datalec Precision Installations (DPI), we offer secure and cost-effective data centre security cages and aisle containment solutions to keep your IT infrastructures safe and efficient

As IT systems continue to play an integral part of modern daily operations, it’s essential to ensure that IT infrastructures are housed in a safe, secure, and efficient environment. That’s why our flexible and scalable data centre caging and aisle containment solutions are here to deliver the consistency and confidence you need to guarantee the availability of your data and efficient data centre operations, every single day.

With a choice of designs as well as additional bespoke options, every data centre security solution is tailored to best suit your physical security and aisle containment requirements. DPI’s products are simple and designed to retrofit with existing data centre infrastructure and do not require special construction permits and onsite hot works.

Industry Standard Solutions

Evolving beyond standard aisle containment solutions, DPI’s hot and cold aisle containment systems offer industry-leading designs and expert implementation. We are able to minimise operational costs by separating airflows and maximising power usage efficiency (PUE), simultaneously reducing risks of re-circulation and bypass airflow.

Our bespoke data centre security solutions guarantee data and equipment safety, flexibility, and scalability – without operational disruptions.

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Separate Airflows Drive Substantial Savings

By separating airflows, our hot and cold aisle containment systems provide the ideal environment for your servers, guaranteeing improved performance alongside lower energy costs. Our hot aisle containment solution redirects the naturally rising hot air generated by servers, preventing hot air recirculation, and increasing cooling efficiency.

While cold aisle containment separates the cold air supply from the server-generated exhaust air. This optimises server cooling and reliability by limiting the temperature differential. Our expert team will guide you to the best hot/cold aisle containment solution for your business and whether you choose CAC or HAC options, you’ll benefit from reduced hot spots, lower carbon emissions, and extended equipment life.

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Strong, Simple, and Secure Protection

DPI’s data centre security caging solutions are designed, manufactured, delivered, and installed by our expert team of data centre builders. The range also includes roofs, underfloor, and suspended ceiling barriers, doors, louvres, and customisable options for our clients to choose from.

From conception through to delivery, we’re in control of every step. With our solutions, you don’t have to think about construction permits, airflow obstructions, operational disruptions, or onsite hot works.

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Security Cages and HAC/CAC Key Features

  • Additional layer of Security in Data Centres
  • Visual security
  • Segregation within multiclient/COLO Data Halls
  • Secure partitions between DC tech areas and end user’s live space (DC facilities team doesn’t need to access end user’s live space to carry out maintenance on DH equipment and plant)
  • Security enclosures around DC equipment
  • Secure staging areas
  • Cage installation doesn’t require any onsite hot works
  • As oppose to solid walls, cage partitions don’t obstruct airflow which eliminates the need for DC cooling and fire suppression systems alterations. Cages can be retrofired and installed around existing DC services and structures
  • Relatively easy to implement without any disruptions to DC operation
  • Modular and scalable. Can be easily dismantled and reinstalled in other locations
  • Cage installation doesn’t require special construction permits
  • ‘Clean’ installation process

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