Our vast experience in this arena has ranged from complete cooling and live data hall upgrades to leak detection and mitigation measures, modifying ventilation systems (including smoke ventilation) and managing specialist solutions for water mist, gas suppression and sprinkler systems.


Our complete electrical fit-out solution for your data centre suite includes;

  • sub-mains cabling from the landlord’s infrastructure to busbars or remote power panels, including the provision and installation of the latter
  • bespoke bracketing solutions to allow for the connection of aisle containment systems, busbars (if required), wire basket, fibre bucket and fibre ladder racking
  • LV and ELV containment systems modified to suit your layouts
  • sourcing, installation, commissioning, modification and testing of all wiring and small power and lighting systems
  • the deployment and management of specialist systems’ works, including fire alarm and detection as well as BMS, EMS and PMS systems.


To provide you with enhanced added value and a ‘one call’ solution in the data hall arena, we provide considerable experience and expertise in the successful delivery of architectural, construction and building fabric services.

As you’d expect, these incorporate all the necessary designs, technical drawings and load-bearing calculations.

Our growing range of capabilities encompasses:

  • raised access and resin flooring
  • drywall and whitewall installations
  • bespoke and suspended ceilings including bracketing installations
  • structural supports including spreader beam installation for heavyweight cabinets
  • installation and modification to all types of building fabric
  • technical cleans.